sp 7d



  • The storage file boxes are wax-coated and moisture resistant.
  • Corrugated paper boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. 2000 microscope slides in the file box weighs only 30 lbs.
  • Boxes ship flat requiring minimal storage space and assemble in minutes.
  • This system eliminates costly metal files for permanent storage. It eliminates the need for refiling from metal files to paper boxes.
  • Microscope storage file stores 2000 microscope slides in four drawers.
  • Unique locking tag allows stacking of boxes. They are pressure tested to 300 lbs.

Quantity: 1CS = 10 boxes (one case of boxes can hold 20,000 slides)


Part No.    


Storage Capacity


Micromate Storage Filing System for Slides (includes four drawers with inserts)
Approximately 2000 Slides
1 Case = 10 boxes